What to Consider When Buying Your New Kia

Buying a new Kia can be fun, stressful and time consuming all at the same time. You want to get it right and not pay for something you won’t be happy with in the long run so there are some important factors to consider before making that purchase.

New kia cars for sale

Research, research, research

There are so many places to research your purchase before buying now, even before coming into a new Kia dealership that there is no excuse not to know what you want. Make sure you cover the important questions before you get to the test drive. Consider the following”

  • What’s your budget? Do you have a maximum price? Is it realistic for what you want to buy?
  • What are your most important features? Do you need leather seats, or are they a nice to have item? Make sure you have a list of “Must haves” and “nice to haves”
  • Warranty – How long will you keep the car and how much warranty is acceptable?
  • How many Km’s will you do? This leads to asking what fuel type you need and which car holds value at higher Km’s.
  • How will you use it? Is it a daily drive in the city, for long trips, or needs to have space to carry sporting equipment?

Once you have your checklist you can then effectively narrow down the list of cars that suit your criteria and you can easily discount the ones that won’t. This way you are only driving the cars that meet what you need and you’re not wasting time, and potentially falling in love with the wrong model.

Once you’ve gone through the paces and headed to the dealers to narrow your choices, it’s time for the all important touch and feel tests. This is where you get to look, feel and test drive your choices to make up your mind which car you like best. As we all know, it can have all the features in the world but if you don;t like the drive, you won;t like the car.

Test Drive

When you take the car for a drive really try and feel what it would be like to drive it day in and day out. Think of things like:

  • Is your seating position comfortable?
  • Does it have the power you need?
  • Is everything within easy reach and not too distracting?
  • Are the controls for everyday things such as radio and air conditioning easy to find and navigate?

All these things will make for an easy drive and depending on what you plan on doing with your car these will change. For instance, if you’re buying for work, a good bluetooth set up and places to add a phone holder are important. If you’re ferrying kids about, then climate control, rear vents and easy access to the rear seats will be important.

Lastly – Aftersales

Make sure when you’re looking at where to find Kia cars for sale that you check out the dealerships after sales services. You want to make sure that when it comes to servicing all the things you need to make life easy are on offer and accessible.

  • How long between services?
  • Do they have free wi-fi?
  • Is there a courtesy bus to get you home?
  • And do they offer loan cars?

After you look into all these things you can feel assured that you are purchasing your new Kia from a great Kia dealer in Sydney and have a piece of mind that you won’t have to worry about the servicing of your brand new Kia.

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