What Are The Different Types Of Car Warranties?

There’s certainly plenty to think about when it comes to buying your next car and a car warranty is one of them. Warranties can be confusing and expensive but they are extremely important. When you buy your next car don’t run the risk of unnecessary bills that could be avoided. Let look at this in detail:

Types of car warranties

There are 2 main types of warranty offered on new and used cars. A Manufacturer’s Warranty and an Extended Warranty. The main difference is what they cover, and the conditions involved to keep it.

Manufacturer Warranty

This warranty is offered on new and demonstrator cars bought from a dealership. Let’s say you are buying a new Kia, and you’ve decided to buy it from a Kia dealership in Sydney. In this case you would be covered by what’s classified as a Manufacturer Warranty and your new Kia comes with a 5yr, Unlimited kilometre. This means that your new Kia would be covered for 5 full years no matter how far you drive. Most Manufacturers will offer this, but the time and kilometres will vary so make sure you listen closely.

What they cover
Manufacturer Warranties usually cover all moving parts of a vehicle except things classified as wear and tear such as brake pads and fluids.

Extended Warranty

Once a car runs out of Manufacturers Warranty a dealer may offer an Extended Warranty to give you extended peace of mind. You can purchase these Warranties on most used cars and they will vary in length, price and what they cover. The biggest difference between a Manufacturer and Extended Warranty is what they cover.

What they cover
Extended warranties cover what they call the main drive train of the vehicle meaning the engine and gearbox. They will not cover things such as power window motors and radio which are covered in your Manufacturer Warranty.

Servicing under warranty?

A car warranty does not secure fixed price service, but there are certain criteria you must stick to so that your warranty remains valid. All warranties require you to service your vehicle at the required intervals recommended by the manufacturer. However if you have a Manufacturer’s Warranty you can service with any registered mechanic and still have a valid warranty, although heading back to your dealer is recommended due to training and equipment levels.

If you’ve chosen one of the many Kia used cars on offer and decided to take advantage of an Extended Warranty you’ll need to bring your car back to the dealership for servicing for your warranty to remain valid. This ensures the correct servicing is carried out for your vehicle.

Things to consider before purchasing?

All warranties are not created equal.. This means you need to read the fine print, or ask the Business Manager to explain. Check the duration, the terms and conditions and any criteria you must fulfil so your new warranty doesn’t lapse. Also, check the kilometre cutoff as most will have a length of time, or kilometre cut off as their end date, whichever occurs first.


For added peace of mind, you should always take out a warranty. This makes sure you don’t have any surprises coming your way if anything happens to go amiss with your new wheels. You’d definitely rather enjoy the drive, instead of sweating the small stuff.

Of course, if you haven’t found the car you want yet, Check out our range of Kia cars for sale and find your next dream ride.

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