The Top 5 Reasons To Always Buy A Car From A Dealer

When you purchase your next car the last thing you need is doubts. You don’t want to guess if it’s been serviced, if it’s been in an accident, if the person you buy it off will be there if there’s an issue. And you certainly don’t want to guess if it’s mechanically sound. Buying from a private party is fraught with dangers and that’s why there are too many reasons to list as to why you should always buy your next car from a reputable car dealer. We thought we would outline our top 5.

Simplicity – Easy Financing options

Dealers make it easy to finance your next car. Not many of us can buy our next car for cash, so when you purchase privately you have to navigate your own financing, money clearances and sending money to an unknown person before you get your car. Some banks find it hard to lend money for private sales and there’s much more paperwork involved. When you buy your new car from a dealership they have access to multiple lenders with many finance offers. Finance should be easy so a dealership will make sure that the transactions are all done at the same time as your purchase. No need to visit multiple banks looking for the best rates for your circumstance, the dealer can do it for you.

Convenience – Trade ins

What if you already own a car and you need to sell it? You can’t sell it to the buyer, so you have to sell it privately. Navigating 3rd party sites, people coming to test drive and giving out your address to strangers can be daunting. You also have to sell it at the same time as buying a new one and hopefully not ending up with no car in the middle. With a dealer, you can trade that car in and simply do a straight swap on the day your new car is ready. Drive your old car in and take your new car home! No hassle, no fuss and no downtime meaning you’re never off the road.

Peace of mind – Servicing

kia service centre

All our new Kia cars for sale come with warranty and full safety checks. We have a service department full of qualified Kia mechanics that work on them every day. We provide you with a full warranty on your new car giving you peace of mind that if for some reason something did go wrong with your next car we would be able to fix it for you at the same place you bought it.

Choice – A huge range

We have a huge range of cars in our New Kia dealership including new, demonstrator and used cars. That means we’re sure to have a car that suits your needs and your budget making it easy for you to find your dream car and get on the road faster. We also stock other brands in our used car section so if there’s something elses you’re looking for we probably have that too.

Location – We’re not going anywhere

When you purchase your new car from a dealership you know that we’re here for the long haul. If you need us we’re always in the same place and can provide you with service 7 days a week. You don’t buy your car ad then turn up with an issue to find out the owner changed addresses and now you’re stuck with their problem. We have a physical location and professional staff to give you all the information you need when you need it keeping you informed and making the entire transaction stress free.

Don’t take a chance with the second largest purchase you’re ever going to make. Buy your next new Kia car from a reputable new Kia dealership and drive away with peace of mind.

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*If Rockdale City Kia is unable to beat a genuine written quote (no older than 7 days) on an identical stock vehicle, and you purchase that vehicle from a competing dealer, we will provide up to 2 scheduled services at our Arncliffe service centre (within 24 months of purchase) redeemable via voucher.

*To receive this voucher you must present the signed quote from the competing dealer with ownership paperwork and the final contact showing payment in full at the stated price or less for that specific vehicle. This offer is not redeemable for cash and service must take place at Rockdale City Kia’s service centre 12-28 Arncliffe St Arncliffe. Offer is only applicable to new vehicles. Excludes demos and used cars. Offer expires October 31st 2020