Kia Stinger is a Porsche Beater

Kia Stinger

With all of Australia mourning the loss of yet another rear wheel drive vehicle in the Holden Commodore, Kia has surprised the world with it’s Porsche beating Kia Stinger.

The Kia Stinger came out of nowhere to take over as one of the most thrilling sports sedans in the country with a 0-100km time of 4.9 seconds. This kind of power and maneuverability places it ahead of some very annoyed, upper class rivals in the BMW 440i Gran Coupe (4.8) Porsche Panamera (5.4) and the Audi A5 sportback (5.4). Under it’s classically styled bonnet you’ll find a twin turbo V6 powerhouse producing 272kW of power making it hard not to smile while you’re hurtling down the highway.

But the Stinger isn’t just about shear grunt, it’s styling has been purposefully built for the journey. To start with, it’s seriously eye catching. When you come up to a Stinger on the road there is nothing you can do to make yourself look away. The lines that have been created on this one of a kind car are like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Its unique fastback appearance creates the perfect facade for the track tuned beast underneath. FInishing the overall outside styling are alloy wheels, quad exhausts and the most amazing dark chrome side mirrors.

When you climb into the cockpit it’s like a sensory overload. Every small detail on the interior of this car is built for the driving enthusiast and is exactly where it should be. Unlike some of its competition Kia didn’t feel the need to grab every ounce of technology and just chuck it all in, they thought of placement, usability and design.

Literally at your fingertips is a heads up display, LCD touch screen, Driver mode selector and heated and ventilated front seats. Heading up the latest in technological advancements the Stinger even comes with full wireless charging, doing away with the messy and sometimes dangerous cords connecting your phone to the charge point.

The rear seats are spacious and comfortable making the trip to the sports ground a breeze, but once you’ve dropped off the precious cargo, launch control will help you smile all the way home. With built in safety features such as Brembo brakes and stability control you’ll be ahead of the game.

In fact the Stinger is so impressive, it is now the official vehicle of the Queensland Police department. The fact that neither of it predecessors are built here anymore the stage was set for a takeover and the Stinger was ready to pounce. Going head to head with the aging Commodore and Falcon the Stinger won out and will soon be replacing the entire fleet in Queensland.

So for a family car that turns heads almost as quick as it turns corners you can’t go past the Kia Stinger….. And let’s face it, it’s rear wheel drive!!!

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