Kia Introduce EV based Electric SUV Comes in 2021

As electric cars become more popular in the market Kia is set to start a trend of sexier, easier to use electric cars in 2021. Already having 2 electric models in global markets, the Soul EV wagon and e-Niro SUV they are well-positioned to introduce their 3rd in the coming years.

Although neither of these models are available in Australia due to the global demand, their new addition to the lineup is set to hit Australian shores. Kia predicts that with the addition of this and other models in the coming years that electric, zero-emission autos will account for 20% of their combined sales by 2026.

Kia Future Electric SUV Car

Not only will their new dedicated battery-electric vehicle be stunning in the looks department, but it is also set to turn the electric market on its head by offering a range of 500kms and a charge time of only 20 minutes in their performance range. There is nothing in the market in the electric space that goes close to those charge figures, so Kia will be ahead of the game with a car that’s not only eco-friendly, but you don’t have to wait around to get some oomph into the battery.

Kia Aims to Introduce Eleven Electric Car line up by 2025

The future for Kia looks just as bright with the announcement they are looking at introducing more and more electric cars into the future, claiming that by 2025 they will have an 11 car line up in the zero-emissions field including sedans, SUV’s and even people movers. As well as their 800 V EV architecture which is what makes their charge times possible they have also announced that they will still produce a 400 V EV model to ensure price competitiveness and a way for all Australians to get into the electric car market.

Producing so many zero-emissions models will secure a much more diverse customer base for Kia and if the look of their concept car at the Geneva Motor Show is anything to go by, the new electric cars looks will be a real head turner in this space.

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