How Safe Is Your Kia Car? Know About the Safety Features of Your Kia Car!

Today, Kia has become one of the most reliable auto brands and considered a dependable choice for drivers who want a low-maintenance vehicle. Undoubtedly, Kia equips its vehicles with top-class safety features not only for the driver but also for other co-passengers. In this blog post, we’ll touch base with some of the important safety features that your Kia car comes with:

How Safe Is Your Kia Car

Driver Attention Warning (DAW)

Driver Attention Warning is an exceptional safety feature that helps curtail accidents that are caused by distractions while driving the vehicle. Besides, it monitors behavior that may signal that the driver is drowsy or asleep.

So how it works? If your driver enters sleep mode, then you’ll get a warning bell sound along with a visual prompt that will appear on your car’s screen, prompting you to pull aside and take a break. This will facilitate the driver to take a power nap and get refreshed before he gets back to the driving task at hand. This driver attention warning feature is extremely useful that can save not only your life but also the lives of other co-passengers.

Autonomous Emergency Braking System (AEBS)

Your Kia car comes fitted with the autonomous emergency braking system, which facilitates you to stop the vehicle suddenly or abruptly and more importantly in the safest possible way. This safety feature can safeguard you and other co-passengers travelling with you from possible crashes while on the road.

AEBS uses a series of sensors and cameras that monitor the distance of other vehicles that are in front of your car, along with their relative speed. When the system detects a bang, an alert will be sent to the driver and if the driver fails to respond, then the AEBS will halt the car by itself. Thus, you can drive your Kia car with the utmost confidence in all types of terrains, be it in the city, highway, countryside or any other tracts.

Lane Keep Assist (LKA)

Lane Keep Assist safety feature comes as standard in most of the Kia models. This safety feature assists drivers to get from one point to another safely in any type of road conditions.

So how does it work? Well, the lane keep assist feature identifies the driver’s current lane and its limits, and if at all, the vehicle changes the direction abruptly, then it mechanically steers the vehicle back into the middle of the lane. Driver exhaustion and distractions such as smartphones contribute towards many unwanted accidents, so this type of safety feature makes for a welcome addition.

Forward Collision Warning Technology (FCWT)

Forward Collision Warning technology works by using radar data and a camera to identify the location of other vehicles, two-wheeler and pedestrians to your car. If the sensors are activated, then audible warnings are directly sent to the driver, immediately thereafter, a safe braking function gets activated. In this way, this safety feature helps to curtail the possibility of crashes, collisions and bumps from happening.

Blind Spot Detection

When you’re driving a Kia car, you don’t have to get anxious about your blind spot. The Blind Spot Detection system Kia uses is advanced and offers an exceptional level of safety. It depends on radar sensors to alert drivers about the likely dangers, assisting to curtail the possibility of a crash or serious mishap. These sensors are integrated near the rear side territory of your Kia car.

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