Get Your Car Spring Ready

With spring opening up the skies and blasting the sun down upon our heads, it’s time to come out of our winter hibernation and get back on the open road to adventure. Dust off those shorts and thongs, pack a picnic basket and jump in the car for the first of many spring and summer adventures.

But before you consider hitting the road with your best mate, make sure your pride and joy is up for the challenge of never ending road trips by getting it to spring ready. Here we’ll look at what you can do to make sure your car will get you to all the places you want to explore this spring.

The wash and wax

car ready for spring

Get out the hose and the bucket and get ready to give your 4 wheeled friend a spring makeover. Wipe away months of frosty dust and bugs and shine those tyres until you can see your face in them. Get into the grill and make sure that all the old dragonflies, beetles and such are wiped away.

Once you’ve washed away 3 months of grime, make sure you grab the wax and act like the kid out of karate kid. Wax on, wax off until every surface shines like the sun leaving your car looking brand new and sparkly ready for adventure.

Safety on the outside

Now that your cars shiny and new again, let’s look at all the things on the outside that we need to check over before taking that drive.

Your windscreen wipers will have been used a lot over winter (except this on) and you want to make sure they are still in great order. Grime and bugs can cause havoc with the functionality of your wipers and cause them to miss spots or smear water all over the windscreen sometimes making it near impossible to see out of. Take a cloth and wipe them clean, test them out and exchange them if you have to.

These are an easy one to get right, so make it your first task. Fill up your wiper fluid as well and make sure you’re ready if there’s a sudden summer shower while you’re out exploring.

Speaking about windscreens, your car has a lot of glass and it’s meant to be seen through! So go ahead and grab a good quality clean microfiber cloth and some good glass cleaner and get to work on the windows. You don’t want to be looking through dirt or smears when you get to that look out. Don;t forget that you can’t use a glass cleaner on window tint. For the inside you’ll just need a damp soapy cloth and a clean one to dry them off.

Safety that’s harder to see

As well as all the stuff you can do yourself there is plenty that you should really leave to the experts. Most service centres will offer a spring clean special so that they can make sure you’re roadworthy for your Sunday drive. Within the check they will make sure your air conditioner is blowing cold, or regas it if necessary. They can check the wear and tear on your tyres and brakes. They will rotate your tyres so they wear evenly and you get more kilometers out of them and they’ll also do an oil and filter change. It’s important to get the once over so that everything in your car is working and you don;t need to worry about breaking down on a back road with no mechanic in site.

If all of this seems to hard and you’d rather just buy yourself a new Kia head into your nearest Kia dealer and check out the Kia cars for sale and all this will be done for you.

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